16 Jan

Kayla : My nose feels peachy
Mum: Huh, what’s peachy?
Kayla: Oh, it’s a word from Kayla-land
Mum : Kayla-land?! What’s that? Is that a place where Kayla is Queen of the land?

Kayla: Well, it’s like a big ball around me. No one can see it except for me!

A few minutes later… Mummy, Kayla-land is like this picture, nice and blue and full of trees.



Giving Back

20 Sep
Kayla's Ang Pow for Mummy and Daddy

Kayla’s Ang Pow for Mummy and Daddy

Kayla came to Daddy the other day when I was out and gave him this ang pow.  It was about $5 worth of coins in there. She says it is because we have been buying a lot of things for her (her birthday party expense! haha) and thus we need the money. So she wants us to have her money.

She’s a sweet baby…got Daddy all mushed up…

Vera’s 7th Birthday Party

17 Sep

On the topic of birthday parties, this was in February when we celebrated Vera’s 7th at Arteastiq.

We came across the place late last year and the girls enjoyed their time there. A nice place where everyone got their own canvasses, a full set of brand new brushes and unlimited supply of paints at reasonable price.

We had a small group of mainly Vera’s K2 friends from Little Big who came and the little artists had a fun time just splashing away. As it was in Feb, the class had just moved on to P1 for two months so it was kinda cute seeing them get together.

Mummies and aunties all pitched in to help and they turned out beautiful pieces. Who is to say these won’t fetch record prices at future Christie’s auction?!

A blank space for creativity to flow

A blank space for creativity to flow

Little artists at work

Little artists at work

Janelle's artwork. I love this!

Janelle’s artwork. I love this!

Vera's finished product!

Vera’s finished product!

The birthday package included a hot chocolate with marshmallow…. so needed because the place was sooo cold! It was a good mid-way break for the kids.

Time for a break...Hot chocolate with marshmallow...yums!

Time for a break…Hot chocolate with marshmallow…yums!

And for birthday cake, we got a plain chocolate cake from the stores…and personalised it with Vera’s favourite figurines brought from home. I felt so smart for having this idea! :p Duh, why pay ridiculously large sums for those customised 3D or 4D cakes from the stores?

Viola! A customised birthday cake!

Viola! A customised birthday cake!

"You know how much I love you right jie jie....how about we share the presents?"

“You know how much I love you right jie jie….how about we share the presents?”

Our brood for the day!

Our brood for the day!

A nice afternoon spent with the little ones and catching up amongst the adults over tea and cakes from the cafe next to the gallery.

Our complete work!

Our complete work!

So, we told the girls this was the last year of having parties and we shall keep future birthday celebrations small and within the family…which they happily agreed to!  Lets hope they remember their promise come next year!


Kayla’s 6th Birthday

16 Sep

We had a mini celebration for Kayla’s 6th birthday yesterday at the lovely Eat, Play, Love cafe at Arab Street.

I was feeling teeny weeny bad that I hardly gave much thought to her party and decided to make up for it by baking her a birthday cake. More on that later.. But seriously, we wanted a fuss free party and was so slack in the planning and prep that I had a nightmare the night before. The nightmare was true.

Party venue – Booked months before only because we had lunch at the cafe one sat and decided to just book. No research done.

Invites – This wonderful technology called whatsapp!  sides’ it was mainly family and closer buddies fr school.

Party packs – Ooopps forgot all about it! Nvm, their arts and crafts will be their goodie bags.

Bday banner – erh… What banner??

Party Decor – Forgot all about it too! Ordered some balloons fr a party shop at Middle Road the day before on our way home from violin class.

Despite mummy’s slackness, it turned out to be a lovely event. The lovely ambience and decor of the cafe played a huge part! Kids kept themselves entertained with the crafts while adults yakked away over yummy food.

Balloons adding a whimsical touch...

Balloons adding a whimsical touch…

Lovely lovely decor at the cafe

Lovely lovely decor at the cafe

The girls being kept occupied at their crafts

The girls being kept occupied at their crafts

The Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Girl!

To assuage my guilty conscience, I decided to bake her a birthday cake – and goodness I don’t know what possessed me to bake her a 7-layer rainbow birthday cake – on my maiden bday cake baking experience. Anyway, I was all prepared to go out and get a cake from Bengawan Solo or something if the experiment failed…so that took some pressure off.
Thank goodness my sister came to help and the cake turned out lovely! And that was after 5 gruelling hours. Our arms and legs were aching, I was totally tired even before the party started.
It was a moment of reckoning when we cut the cake. Could hear the screams and gasps it was so funny!

I don’t know how the cake tasted although guests said it was not bad.
They were being kind, I think.

Me and my sister? We didn’t dare eat it 😜

bday cake

....AND...the cut gets cake.... cheers from all round the table while the chefs heaved a huge sigh of relief

….AND…the cake gets cut…. cheers from all round the table while the chefs heaved a huge sigh of relief

Family photo...

Family photo…

...crowding around the pony table...

…crowding around the pony table…

and a photo with the grandparents

and a photo with the grandparents

...while they were busy playing with sparklers and having a go at the merry-go-round

…while they were busy playing with sparklers and having a go at the merry-go-round

Happy 6th Birthday Kayla!

You ARE the sunshine in our lives baby!

Stop growing so fast will you?

She Is Enjoying Her Piano Classes

16 Sep

Kayla has been taking piano classes for close to a year now and it is heartening to see her really enjoying the instrument. She practices without promptings and tinkle on the piano whenever she can. Love hearing music fill the home…


A Studio Recording Experience!

30 Oct

The girls had such a treat last week – they cut a record in a real live studio!  How cool is that?!??!

The girls were first introduced to Bruno Mars song “Count On Me” in August when they joined us to attend the main service during church’s anniversary weekend.  Ever since that week – they just couldn’t get enough of that song! They would sing this song every morning on the way to school – every day since August. Until Psy and ‘Gangnam Style’ took over the world. Their world included (argh!).

Vera and Kayla practicing ‘Count On Me’ that August weekendIMG_8262

Imagine their delight when the teachers decided that ‘Count On Me’ would be the concert theme song.  I think this Bruno Mars song is this Gen Z’s version of my generation’s ‘That’s What Friends Are For’. The song that goes… “Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure, that’s what friends are for….”

So the girls had weeks of practicing and the school even invited a vocal teacher to come in to help the lil ones with their singing and enunciation.  They had so much fun with Ms Annabel and talked non stop about their time with her when I picked them up from school. And then last week, the teachers SMSed to say both the girls were selected to go for the studio recording of the song.  And if I would give permission for them to go…. As if I could say No?! They would be devastated!

Here are some pictures the teachers sent us of the recording process.



It was really funny hearing the kids recount their experience.  Joel said ‘I can only hear Kayla’s voice because her voice is too cute.’

While Kayla recounted that she can only her Warren and Zachary’s voices because they are so loud. 

A real-live recording studio! Such a great experience for the little ones I must say.


I must say their teachers are very innovative (and brave!) to try so many experiences with the children.  Its easier to just cruise by and do just what’s expected.  But this, I think is over the top.  It leaves behind not just good experiences, but good memories the kids take with them all through their lives.



A final group photo with Ms Annabel and Ms Ruby.  They can’t wait to hear the recording.photo (9)

We are really looking forward to hear this recording and watch the kids perform and sing during Little Big’s year-end cum K2 graduation concert.

K2 Graduation Camp

4 Oct


Vera has started on her 2D1N K2 graduation camp today. She has been so excited about this and talked about it non stop.

This rock climbing pic was sent to me by her class teacher. So, rock climbing was part of this ‘Brave’ camp programme. Woah!!!

Shall post up more pics of the camp when the school sends the pictures over… But… my girl is gg on to primary school very very very soon. Somehow, I am not so ready for the transition…


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